April 8-12, 2020 

Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, GA
Thank you to all who helped make PBC 2019 great.
We are working to make 2020 better than ever.

For the 2nd Year!!!!
How does it work? You and your dog enjoy all the events that the Peach Blossom Cluster offers (or as many as you have time and energy for). Win points for each event you enter with your dog during the entire week of Peach Blossom Cluster. How? Pick up a score sheet at the Cluster Office, Trophy Table, or Obedience/Rally, Agility, or Barn Hunt venues. Or, print one from the link below. Keep track of your wins and turn your form into the Cluster Office by 3:00 PM on Saturday. Prizes will be awarded before BIS for the Atlanta Kennel Club.

Dogs with top four highest scores for the week wins:
1.     $100 cash + rosette
2.      $50 cash + rosette
3.     rosette
4.     rosette


Point structure:

•    1 point = entering any event
•    2 points = passing in CGC, Trick Dog
•    4 points = 1st in class, 3 = 2nd, 2 = 3rd, 1 = 4th
•    5 points = qualifying/passing score in Agility, Rally Obedience, Dock, scent, hunt, etc.
•    5 points each for Winners, BOW, BOB, BOS
•    5 points = Best Junior
•    15 points for HIT, HC in Obed & Rally, High Triple, Group placement
•    20 points for BIS & R/BIS

List all events entered and highest prize won in that category. All lower level qualifying wins need to be counted as well. Points accumulate. i.e. BOB, BOW = 20 points for conformation category. (1=entry,4=1st in class, 5 each=W, BOW, BOB).
Use reverse of form or plain sheet as needed. Add contact info at top of each sheet. Be ready to present ribbons, armband to support claims listed here if a winning prize.


Also Offered Again This Year....
Receive a Rosette with your dogs name & titles, recognition in the catalog and announcement during a parade in the Group Ring on Saturday. Dog must have titles in at least three areas recognized by the AKC. Enter as an additional class on the Dog Show Entry form to Onofrio.