April 8-12, 2020 

Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, GA
Thank you to all who helped make PBC 2019 great.
We are working to make 2020 better than ever.

CONTACT  Carl Vitner- samoyed@bellsouth.net to request an application or with questions.

Dear Vendor,

The Peach Blossom Cluster Host Clubs invite you to participate as a vendor at the Spring 2019 shows. The Atlanta, & Valdosta Kennel Clubs & The Combined Specialty Clubs of Atlanta, scheduled for April 10 - 14, 2019 at the Georgia Agricenter in Perry, GA sponsor the cluster. The facility has numerous motorhome sites with full service. Reservations are required. Twenty four hour security is provided on the totally fenced 600 acres.

The grounds will be available for set up at 8:00 am Tuesday, April 9, 2019 and not before. Vendors must vacate buildings and grounds Sunday, April 14, 2019.

 THESE SHOWS ARE BY INVITATION ONLY. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY VENDOR A SPACE AT OUR DOG SHOWS. It is the responsibility of all vendors (not the cluster) to complete all orders taken at the cluster and ship all orders promptly to the person or persons having placed the order. If orders are not completed in a timely manner it can jeopardize your future attendance.

(NOTICE) Under no circumstances is anyone to use the Georgia Agricenter as a billing address. Under no circumstances is anyone to go to the Agricenter office and complain. These complaints are settled by the Vendor Chairman and if necessary, the Peach Blossom Committee along with the Vendor Chairman. Going to the office only creates problems and could result in losing your invitation. We cannot control the weather.There will be no use of straw, hay or shavings in exercise pens or in vendors booths. This is a regulation of the Agricenter.

Space for vendor trailers and trucks will be available. Day parking pass for vendor vehicle. Those traveling in RV’s will be required to reserve camping sites with GNFA at their website, www.gnfa.com. Websites are reserved online only and are fully paid at time of reservation. If needed, motor home displays must also pay for RV hookup through the Agri-Center.

The clubs are not responsible for loss or damage.

All equipment, merchandise,etc must be within your allotted space. No parking behind booths. No straw or shavings allowed on grass. Vendor Chair and Event Committee has complete authority in all disputes.No sharing of booth space. 

Booth space is sold by front footage, first vendors to pay are guaranteed space. Inside locations determined by seniority and date of payment. The clubs reserve the right to limit the number of vendors selling duplicate merchandise/services. Booth space reserved in 10 foot increments. No subletting of contracted space is permitted. Fire extinguisher required in each booth. Space is reserved for four days.  Disruptive, discourteous vendors will not be tolerated.